March 16, 2008

NetPay Services Inc Announces new Partnership to Offer 401(k) Services

NetPay Services, Inc. has partnered with The Online 401(K) to offer you and your employees an easy-to-use, fully integrated, comprehensive 401(k) and payroll solution.

The Online 401(k) is a Web-based retirement plan solution built to address the 401(k) needs of all businesses - it combines flexible plan features, affordable pricing and live customer support. One of the original Web-based 401(k) providers to address the small business market, today The Online 401(k) serves more than 2,500 businesses across all 50 states. The Online 401(k) has been featured in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, CNN Money, Bloomberg, LA Times and Kiplinger's on the topic of small business retirement plans.

The Online 401(k) allows us to offer you a 401(k) plan that is flexible, affordable and easy to use. Thanks to our integration with The Online 401(k), our clients spend very little time managing their plans. There is a seamless, behind the scenes, transfer of payroll data that occurs between NetPay Services, Inc. and The Online 401(k) each pay period.